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What is Electric Choice?

Electric choice was established in Delaware in 1999 when the supply portion of electric service was deregulated. Since then customers have retained the option of choosing a third party electric supplier to fulfill that portion of their electric usage. Supply charges make up approximately 65% of a total electric bill for Delmarva Power customers. Electric suppliers offer a variety of incentives and pricing models to customers to suit the needs and desires of a variety of customers.

This option is currently available to Delaware Electric Cooperative and Delmarva Power customers for electric only. Customers do not have to select a third party electric supplier. If customers do not wish to contract with a third party for their electric energy supply, their supply will be procured by their respective utility provider.

Customers that choose to contract with a third party electric supplier will still receive a bill from their utility provider (Delaware Electric Cooperative or Delmarva Power). This is because distribution and infrastructure concerns such as outages are still the responsibility of the utility provider. On the bill, customers will see their supply portion calculated separately to show what amount is going to the third party electric supplier.

Any concerns or questions about the contract or amount owed to the supplier should be sent to the company offering that service. When a customer pays their electric bill, the utility provider reserves the right to obtain the amount owed to them first before sending payment to the third party electric supplier.

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Before switching, we encourage you to look at this list of questions to ask potential electric suppliersThis link opens in a new tab.. No supplier represents the State of Delaware, Public Service Commission, or Delmarva Power. Should you have questions or concerns regarding the information being presented to you, please call the Public Service Commission at 302-736-7500.

*Make sure that you fully understand all the terms, conditions, and charges before you switch. Suppliers may offer introductory rates that expire after a period of time or variable rate plans that change according to the contract terms. The PSC does not have jurisdiction over the rates and charges of third party suppliers.*

Additional information and the utility Price to Compare can be found on the utility website:

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In order to provide service in Delaware as an electric supplier or broker, the company must apply to the Public Service Commission. Upon approval by the Commission, that company is placed on the “List of Certified Electric Suppliers”. This list has over 100 companies listed as being allowed to provide service in Delaware. Pursuant to Order No. 8947, active electric suppliers or brokers are those companies that either a.) are certified by the Commission and registered with Delmarva Power; have at least 10 residential or small commercial customers in Delaware; and are able and willing to accept more customers at least through the end of 2016; or b.) have provided a verification to the Commission that they are fully prepared to accept residential and small commercial customers in Delaware. The list of electric supply companies that are active in Delaware can be found below with telephone numbers and links to their websites for the latest Go here to see offerings.

A certified electric supplier is an electric supplier or broker that has obtained a certificate from the Commission allowing that provider to offer service in Delaware. The List of Certified Electric SuppliersThis link opens in a new tab. provides the telephone numbers and websites of electric suppliers that may be offering services to residential, commercial or industrial customers. This list is updated as often as information becomes available and is a list of all certified companies.

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(Residential and Small Commercial Only)

Supplier Name

Residential Offering

Small Commercial Offering

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