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The dates, times and locations of all public meetings and hearings can be found on the Commission’s Calendar of Events. The following public notices are offered for your information, and contains only the public notices ordered by the Commission. Official notice is published in the classified section of certain newspapers, (generally the Delaware State News and the News Journal newspapers) under the heading “Public Notices – Legal.” Regulated utilities may from time to time be required to publish notice, but those notices may not be available on this site.



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IN THE MATTER OF THE ADOPTION OF RULES AND PROCEDURES TO IMPLEMENT THE RENEWABLE ENERGY PORTFOLIO STANDARDS ACT, 26 DEL. C. §§ 351-363, AS APPLIED TO RETAIL  ELECTRICITY SUPPLIERS (OPENED AUGUST 23, 2005; REOPENED SEPTEMBER 4,2007; AUGUST 5, 2008; SEPTEMBER 22, 2009; AUGUST 17, 2010; SEPTEMBER 6, 2011; SEPTEMBER 18, 2012; and FEBRUARY  2, 2017) – PSC REGULATION DOCKET NO. 56. On December 7, 2017 at 1:00 pm, the Delaware Public Service Commission will hold a public hearing. Please see the public notice for more information.



Natural Gas

IN THE MATTER OF THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF DELMARVA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY FOR APPROVAL OF MODIFICATIONS TO ITS GAS COST RATES (FILED AUGUST 29, 2017) – PSC Docket No. 17-1013. On August 29, 2017, Delmarva Power & Light Company filed an application with the Delaware Public Service Commission seeking approval for an increase in its gas cost rates. Please see the public notice for more information.



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