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Regulated Utility Filings

All 2015 Regulated Utility Filings can be found on the Commission’s DelaFile Opens in new window website.

Filing Cover Sheet

  • If you need help paying your bill, you should first contact your utility provider which, in most cases, is willing to work with you to avoid termination of service. Financial assistance may be available by reaching out to the organizations listed below:
  • People who experience difficulty in meeting their basic needs of food, housing, utilities, medication and other necessities can get help and financial assistance by visiting their nearest Delaware State Service Center
  • The Weatherization Assistance Program of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reduces the energy costs for low-income households by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes
  • Energize Delaware, an initiative of Delaware’s Sustainable Energy Utility, offers residents a one-stop resource for sustainable energy solutions – many at little or no cost – to help Delawareans save on their energy bills and improve the environment. As Delaware’s one-stop resource for saving money, creating jobs and improving the environment, Energize Delaware offers new ways for commercial, industrial and other non-residential groups, including municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals to become full partners in Delaware’s sustainable energy future.
  • The Energy Efficiency Investment Fund (EEIF) was created to help Delaware businesses make strategic investments in capital equipment and facility upgrades that will help decrease operating costs, reduce energy consumption, and improve environmental performance. The program offers funding for technical assistance, as well as competitively awarded grants and loans for implementation of energy efficiency projects.
  • Delmarva Power’s Green Energy Program, administered by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) provides grant incentives for qualifying renewable energy systems installed in Delaware.
  • Delaware Housing Assistance Program’s (DEHAP) Covid-19 Rental Assitance Program, can help with utility bills as well.  Utilities that are due to the landlord, late fees and court fees can be covered by DEHAP. Click the link above to find out if you’re eligible.

Annual Reports and Assessments


All case related documents are available for review by appointment at the Commission Office in Dover, Delaware, or at the Office of the Public Advocate Opens in new window in Wilmington, Delaware.


The Delaware PSC is committed to working with regulated utility companies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Under 26 Del. C. § 115, utility assessments and fees are due annually on March 31st. The Delaware PSC recognizes however that some utilities will not be able to meet this deadline due to the disruption of normal business practices.

The PSC, therefore, will not be enforcing the statutory deadline against any company that submits its assessment by April 30, 2020.

Please note, annual assessments and fees required by Title 26, Section 115 must be paid by check and cannot be processed via our electronic filing system, DelaFile. Any questions regarding assessments should be directed to PSC Deputy Director, Matt Hartigan at

Please send the originals with signatures and notarization at a later date when able.

This is also applicable for financial reports as outlined in 26 Del. Admin. C. §1002, Part E and Part F.

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