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About the Public Service Commission

Created in 1949 to regulate investor-owned public utilities, the Delaware Public Service Commission (PSC) works to ensure safe, reliable and reasonably priced cable, electric, natural gas, wastewater, water and telecommunications services for Delaware consumers. For those services that are moving toward competitive markets, the Commission makes rules to level the playing field between competing providers, and resolves disputes between these providers. The PSC also supports the Division of the Public Advocate in the complaint process.

The Delaware Public Service Commission (“PSC”) is made up of five part-time Commissioners, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Commissioners, who are supported and assisted by a staff of full-time state employees. The Commission makes its decisions at formal meetings that are open to the public. Public hearings regarding rate changes, rulemakings, and complaints are conducted throughout the year.

In addition to the regulatory oversight of investor-owned utilities, the Commission’s engineering staff, through an agreement with the federal or U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Pipeline Safety, inspects underground natural gas and propane systems for compliance with federal  Pipeline Safety Regulations.

For regulated services, the rules that a utility must follow in providing service to its customers and the rates it may charge for that service are contained in the utility’s tariff. As a consumer, you should make certain that you understand your rights and responsibilities. If you have any questions, contact the Commission or your utility provider.

The Commission has developed a pamphlet which explains the role of the Commission in the regulation of public utilities, how complaints are handled at the Commission, and how to participate in a regulated rate proceeding. The Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure also provide information and guidance about the Commission’s handling of cases.

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Public Service Commission