Delaware Public
Service Commission

Standard Offer Service

On October 11, 2005 the Commission signed PSC Order No. 6746, which adopted the procedure for determining which entity and the price at which “standard offer service” would be offered in the service territory of Delmarva Power & Light Company after May 1, 2006. Consumers who do not choose to receive electric supply service from a competitive electric supplier are provided “standard offer service” (“SOS”) from the selected entity. After the first rounds of bidding were completed and new SOS rates established, the Commission initiated a proceeding to re-visit the Request For Proposal (“RFP”) procedures in the SOS procurement process to determine if any changes were necessary in light of the enactment of the “Electric Utility Retail Customer Supply Act of 2006,” the experience gained from the earlier process, and previous criticisms about a lack of transparency. On Oct. 17, 2006, the Commission entered Order No. 7053 which approved a number of consensus changes to the existing SOS procurement process.

Consensus changes to the SOS procurement in 2007 were entered in Order No. 7284 and in 2008 with Order No. 7461, in 2010 with Order No. 7846.

Prior to each procurement, the Commission engages the services of a technical consultant to oversee Delmarva Power’s SOS process and report back to the Commission its findings, as well as offer recommendations on how the process might be improved. The final technical reports are listed below:

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