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Role of the Commission

Most aspects of water distribution, including the rates that can be charged, are regulated by the PSC; however, other matters such as water quality are also regulated by other state and federal agencies. Additionally, if any water utility wishes to expand its service territory, it must apply for and be granted a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN).

In July 2001, the General Assembly and the Governor enacted a new 26 Del. C. Section 314 whereby water utilities subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction are authorized to initiate and thereafter revise a “Distribution System Improvement Charge” (“DSIC Rate”). Under this DSIC Rate mechanism, a water utility – during the period between its full rate case proceedings – may recover its depreciation expenses and an additional amount of return (pre-tax) associated with its capital investments in completed “eligible distribution system improvements.”

The Commission does not regulate the water services of municipalities or governmental authorities, with the exception of granting, under certain circumstances, CPCNs to those entities.

Regulated Utilities

Consumer Information

Important or Pending Cases

Docket No. 23-0598 – Veolia Rate Case

On April 27, 2023, Veolia Water Delaware, Inc. (“Veolia”) filed an application seeking approval for a $6,083,443 or 18.98% increase in water base rates that includes $1,751,000 in Distribution System Improvement Charge (DSIC).  The application is available through Delafile E-filing system.

Docket No. 23-0601 – Artesian Rate Case

On April 28, 2023, Artesian Water Company, Inc. (“Artesian”) filed an application seeking an increase in annual operating revenues of $17,541,260, or an increase of 23.84% over existing base rates.  The application is available through Delafile E-filing system.

A complete list of all electric related cases filed with the Commission is available on the Commission’s Regulated Utility Filings. Cases filed after July 7, 2014 are available through the DelaFile E-filing system Opens in new window page.

Following is a list of cases that have, or are likely to, generate a significant amount of public interest. To assist the public with participation in these matters, summaries with docket numbers are provided below along with a link to our Delafile system for related documents.

All case related documents are available for review by appointment at the Commission Office in Dover, Delaware.

Local, Regional and National Issues

Water Regulation Archive

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