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Delaware Public
Service Commission

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Customer Assistance

The Consumer Assistance page is designed to provide general consumer information about complaint handling and other issues relating to the Commission. You can find additional consumer information on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, as well as on each of the regulated utility pages: Cable, Electric , Natural Gas, Telecommunications, Wastewater, and Water. The Commission […]

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Smart Meters and AMI

What is AMI? AMI stands for Advanced Metering Infrastructure. AMI encompasses a whole electricity information network including Smart Meters on customer houses, communications to and from a utility, and even, eventually, communication to devices within a customer’s home. What is a Smart Meter? A Smart Meter is an electronic meter that is installed in place […]

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Standard Offer Service

On October 11, 2005 the Commission signed PSC Order No. 6746, which adopted the procedure for determining which entity and the price at which “standard offer service” would be offered in the service territory of Delmarva Power & Light Company after May 1, 2006. Consumers who do not choose to receive electric supply service from […]

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Renewable Energy

Prior Dockets: PSC Docket No. 14-41 (Filed on January 27, 2014) – Delmarva Power & Light filed an application Opens in new window and it’s report Opens in new window in support of the application with the Commission for approval of the 2014 Program for the Procurement of Solar Renewable Credits. On February 20, 2014 […]

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Water Regulation

Table of Contents Role of the Commission Most aspects of water distribution, including the rates that can be charged, are regulated by the PSC; however, other matters such as water quality are also regulated by other state and federal agencies. Additionally, if any water utility wishes to expand its service territory, it must apply for […]

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Formal Complaint Process

Any time you have a problem with the utility services you receive, first contact the utility directly and provide the Customer Service Representative with all the necessary information. Your problem will be handled more quickly and more effectively by providing a thorough explanation. If your problem concerns a bill for services, it is very important […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get information about changes to my natural gas rates effective November 1st? Delmarva Power & Light Company’s Tariff and Bill Inserts Chesapeake Utilities Corporation Tariff How are my electric rates determined? An explanation of Delmarva Power’s rates can be found on their website. What are “current market rates” and why do they […]

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