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Delaware Public
Service Commission

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Regulated Utility Filings

All 2015 Regulated Utility Filings can be found on the Commission’s DelaFile Opens in new window website. Filing Cover Sheet Annual Reports and Assessments E-Filing All case related documents are available for review by appointment at the Commission Office in Dover, Delaware, or at the Office of the Public Advocate Opens in new window in […]

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Pro Hac Vice Requests

Attorneys who are not members of the Delaware Bar may be permitted to appear pro hac vice before the Commission in accordance with Rule 72 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Delaware. A motion for such admission shall be made by a member of Delaware Bar in a form complying with Official Form […]

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Electric Regulation

Table of Contents Opens in new windowRole of the Commission In 1999, the General Assembly passed legislation restructuring the electric industry in Delaware. Prior to restructuring, the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power by investor-owned utilities was fully regulated by the PSC. With restructuring, the generation of electric power became deregulated, leaving only distribution […]

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On May 23, 2016, the Staff of the Public Service Commission (“Staff”) filed a petition (Docket No. 16-0659) requesting that the Delaware Public Service Commission open a docket to review whether cybersecurity guidelines or regulations are needed to ensure and maintain safe and reliable public utility services for customers in the State of Delaware. The […]

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DelaFile Electronic Filing User Guides

Please click on the links below to view help documents: Quick Start Guide Intervention Request Docket Filing and Subsequent Filings Report Filings Search FOIA

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