Delaware Public
Service Commission

Orbit Energy & Power Bankruptcy

Orbit Energy & Power (“Orbit”), a residential solar rooftop installer in Delaware, has declared bankruptcy and is no longer serving customers in Delaware.

Orbit customers may be part of different programs and in different stages of registration. We offer the following tips to customers.

1. If you have applied for the Green Grant Delaware, contact the DNREC Green Energy Program team: They can help you determine where you are in the process.

2. If you need a PSC Certification Number to register your system in the PJM Generational Attribute Tracking System (GATS) to receive credit for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) contact the Public Service Commission (302-736-7500) to complete the registration process.

3. Customers need a final approved interconnection agreement to register for the Green Grant Delaware and the PSC Certification Number. There are two parts to the interconnection agreement.

· Your interconnection agreement is complete if Part 2 is signed (Acceptance and Final Approval for Interconnection).

· If you have a preliminary interconnection form (Part 1 is signed), contact the Delmarva Power Green Power Connection team: to finish the process

· If you don’t have an interconnection agreement, Delmarva will be able to determine Orbit started the process for your system.

4. If your installation is not complete, another solar installer will need to review the contract or power purchase agreement and inspect the system to document the technical aspects of your system. Customers may review DNREC’s list of Participating Contractors for solar photovoltaic systems:, or contact Dale Davis at the Delaware Solar Energy Coalition (

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