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Letter from MACRUC Board of Directors on Commitment to Social Change

Below is a letter from the Mid-Atlantic Conference of Regulatory Utility Commissioners to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. The Delaware Public Service Commission members belong to both of these organizations.

June 12, 2020

Dear President Presley and Mr. White,

The Mid-Atlantic Conference of Regulatory Utilities Commissioners (MACRUC) supports, without reservation, NARUC’s June 4, 2020, Statement that “NARUC Stands Committed to Social Change.” In these very tumultuous times, it’s important that NARUC leadership is tackling systemic racism and committing to the principles of peaceful racial reconciliation and healing among our communities.

MACRUC members whole-heartedly agree that no one’s interest is served when we are divided by race and social injustice. We unequivocally stand with NARUC’s leadership committed to Social Change. We understand the need to develop principles, practices, and programs, in order to mitigate and ultimately eradicate racial divisiveness and systemic inequalities.

MACRUC membership is ready to join NARUC leadership to face these important issues and effect meaningful change. We are ready to actively engage with NARUC’s Subcommittee on Supplier and Workforce Diversity and the Committee on Consumers for the Public Interest and other stakeholders on these core issues.

Working collaboratively together, we can and we must have the energy to effect positive long-lasting change. Thank you for your leadership, and with best personal regards,

MACRUC Board of Directors

Public Service Commission