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Utility Annual Assessments and Reports during COVID-19

The Delaware PSC is committed to working with regulated utility companies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Under 26 Del. C. § 115, utility assessments and fees are due annually on March 31st. The Delaware PSC recognizes however that some utilities will not be able to meet this deadline due to the disruption of normal business practices.

The PSC, therefore, will not be enforcing the statutory deadline against any company that submits its assessment by April 30, 2020.

Please note, annual assessments and fees required by Title 26, Section 115 must be paid by check and cannot be processed via our electronic filing system, DelaFile. Any questions regarding assessments should be directed to PSC Deputy Director, Matt Hartigan at

Please send the originals with signatures and notarization at a later date when able.

This is also applicable for financial reports as outlined in 26 Del. Admin. C. §1002, Part E and Part F (see below).

Part E – Quarterly Reporting Requirements – Major Utilities

All major utilities, except Bell Atlantic-Delaware, Inc., subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission (i.e., those with annual gross intra-State revenues of $1 million or more) are required to file quarterly information in accordance with the instructions in Part E. Such utilities should file the required financial data relative to the twelve months ended each calendar quarter not later than 60 days following the reporting quarter. No quarterly reporting is required for any utility whose annual gross intra-State revenues are less than $1 million.

Part F – Annual Reporting Requirements – Small Utilities

All small utilities subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission are required to file annually in accordance with the applicable section of Part F. Such utilities are required to file the required financial data relative to each calendar year not later than March 31 of the year following the reporting year.

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