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Silver Run Electric Breaks Ground on Proposed Artificial Island Substation in Middletown

Staff members from the Delaware Public Service Commission were in attendance at the groundbreaking of the the proposed Artificial Island substation on Silver Run Road in Middletown, Delaware.

The Silver Run project started in 2013 when electrical grid operator PJM opened its first major competitive transmission process to solve grid stability issues in and around the Artificial Island area in southern New Jersey. After reviewing the many proposed solutions, PJM selected LS Power affiliate, Silver Run Electric, to build, own, and operate a new power line linking Delaware and New Jersey.

The project is expected to be competed in 2020.

“Any project that strengthens Delaware’s competitive positioning in the region, while paying very close attention to environmental impact, is something we should all celebrate,” said Lt. Governor Dr. Bethany Hall-Long, key note speaker at the event.

Read Silver Run Electric’s Full Release Here




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